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Cauvery Suites-Homestay/Lodging in Madikeri, Coorg


Homestay in madikeri Cauvery Suites is a family owned quality homestay located in the heart of Madikeri, capital city of Coorg district. It is an ideal place to stay while exploring and enjoying the beauty of Coorg. The cottages are well ventilated and designed to provide clean and luxury accommodation for the guests. Our homestay has been planned to cater the needs of guests visiting Coorg with a large or small groups or with family. Additionally, being situated in Madikeri makes it accessible to bus stations, hospitals, shopping markets, private transportation and most of the tourist destinations in Coorg. Cauvery Suites have been tailored to the liking of tourist who is looking for a peaceful and fun filled holiday.

Vacation in Coorg

About Coorg Located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, Coorg is known for its coffee and pepper Agroforestry. Coorg being the second largest producer of coffee in India, coffee plantations is extensively seen in the surrounding hills mainly near Madikeri. Coffee plantations have not only made Coorg one of the richest districts in India, but it has also been a part of its culture for decades. One can go see the coffee plantation and can understand is sophistication by visiting one of estates nearby our homestay.

Coorg Delicacies

Food Delicacy Food is a major part people's life in Coorg. It is majorly influenced by geography, history and culture of its people. People in Coorg are essentially rice eaters as it is grown abundantly in the fertile valleys. Most of the major authentic Coorg dishes are rice based, some of them being Akki Rotti, Kadumbuttu and Noolputtu. No Coorg meal is complete without a non-vegetarian dish. We cater to the likings of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians by serving the best and authentic, homemade Coorg delicacies.

Social Updates and Deals

Homestay in madikeri"Early Bird" special caters the guest who reserves early. We will offer guests 10% off on their room rent if the booking is made atleast 14 days prior to the actual booking date. Please contact us and ask us about the "Early Bird" special*.

Homestay in madikeriTake advantage of our "Refferal Program" today! Refer our homestay and get 10% off on the room rent on you next visit. Please contact us and ask us about the "Referal Program" and make sure your guests mention your name while at Cauvery Suites*.

Conditions: Both "Early Bird" and "Refferal Program" discounts can be combined to get a maximum of 20% off on the room rent on your next visit. Make sure the guests you refer mentions your name while at Cauvery Suites.